Brot für die Welt and their partner organizations in Southeast Asia and the Pacific decided to elaborate a study on good practices as part of a learning and exchange process on their land rights work. The overall goal was the documentation and exchange of good practices on land defense strategies contributing towards strengthening sustainable land rights of disadvantaged groups and land conflict transformation in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Fairtrade International commissioned a study to examine the impact of Fairtrade in regard to environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and adaptation to climate change. The study aimed to answer the following evaluation questions: How do Fairtrade (1) Standards and Tools, (2) Programs and Capacity Building, and (3) Premium investments impact on environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, and climate change adaptation/resilience.

MISEREOR has been working with partner organisations for many years to promote agroecological development in Latin America by training local farmers as promoters. Promoters are selected from the communities and are considered ‘grassroots-level actors' in their municipalities to engage in the joint elaboration of agroecological production and lifestyles. However, there are methodical and technical differences in the training of the various organisations. To date in most project proposals no methodical objectives exists.

A practical guidance to the implementation of the Brot für die Welt policies.

Brot für die Welt has published its Policies on Food Security and Gender in 2018. This paper was elaborated to support the combined implementation of these policies. It aims to provide practical guidance on key strategic issues and intervention priorities to support food security and gender equality by its partner organizations.

In November 2018, FAKT supported the Swiss NGO DRR Platform by facilitating the annual Face-tp-Face event on "Local evidence for disaster and climate resilient pathways – an advocacy journey". In collaboration with the Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) a packing list was developed based on the workshop results. It aims to provide CCA and DRR pracititioners with a simple guide for planning successful advocacy.

Der Klimawandel verursacht zunehmende soziale und ökonomische Schäden, die insbesondere den Ländern des globalen Südens hohe, zusätzliche Anpassungsleistungen abverlangen und die Umsetzung von Entwicklungszielen erschweren. Diese Studie analysiert , welche Anforderungen an die nationalen Anpassungspläne sich aus dem Rahmenübereinkommen der Vereinten Nationen über Klimaänderungen (UNFCCC) mit Blick auf Vulnerabilität und Partizipation ergeben.

FAKT führte auf Fidschi einen Workshop zu Community Mapping  durch. Partizipative Kartographie basiert auf dem Prinzip, dass lokale Gruppen oder Gemeinden mit ihren Ortserfahrungen die sozialen und ökologischen Gegebenheiten aus ihrer Perspektive kartographisch darstellen. Solche Karten sind für Advocacy- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit ein wichtiges Kommunikationsmittel und dienen als Grundlagen um rechtliche Fragestellungen anzugehen, sowie Lösungsprozesse anzustoßen.

During the last two years FAKT could support the NGO “Menschen für Menschen” with expertise on impact based monitoring and evaluation approaches. Three active projects for integrated rural development have been evaluated and a sustainability study could be performed in a region where project activities have been closed down five years ago.

Publikation von MISEREOR zum Thema Tiefseebergbau und die sozialen und ökologischen Risiken : "Tiefseebergbau - Unkalkulierbares Risiko für Mensch und Natur. Im Fokus – der Pazifik". Das Diskussionsapier wurde erstellt von Axel Müller, FAKT.

MISEREOR publication on Deep Seabed Mining and its social and ecological risks: "Deep Seabed Mining - Treasure chest or another Pandora's box? In focus: the Pacific". Author Axel Müller, FAKT. 

Was bedeutet Fairer Handel wirklich? Aktuelle Entwicklungen und Siegel im Fairen Handel verstehen (Brot für die Welt Aktuell 43; German version), designed by Christine Lottje (FAKT) and published by Bread for the World gives an overview of the most important certification marks and current developments in Fair Trade.