Feasibility Assessment for Sustainable Water Supply

One of the important conditions for quality healthcare is the availability of a reliable source of safe water. Water is needed for basic sanitation and hygiene in the health facilities and also for use by staff and patients. Presently almost 50% of the rural health facilities in the Southern part of South Sudan lack a reliable source of water. It is against this background that Action Africa Help - South Sudan requested FAKT to do a feasibility assessment for sustainable water supply to the health facilities of 5 counties of South Sudan.

A team of 5 people (health and water experts) under the leadership of FAKT integrated different aspects and experiences. They proposed an adequate and sustainable water supply for 49 health facilities. The team also addressed the water supply situation of the neighboring communities.

FAKT Services
  • Recommendations for the implementation contain information sources on the construction of the proposed systems and coordinates of experienced technicians/organisations who know the context and are able to implement them in good quality.
  • Follow-up activities for a sustainable operation and maintenance of the different systems are elaborated.
  • An analysis of the cost for the implementation has been done.