Evaluations and Impact Studies

Evaluations and impact studies are among the core products of FAKT, for which its consultancy team can build on expert knowledge and longstanding experience.
Sector evaluations
Over the last years, FAKT has conducted several large evaluations through which donor agencies wanted to learn about their project portfolio in a certain field of work, e.g. in rural development, vocational training or human rights. By covering a large number of projects in many countries in desk and field studies, the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability were documented and analysed.
Impact studies
In long-term partnerships or complex programmes, it can be beneficial to focus also on impact beyond the project planning logic. Interesting questions are which activity or which actor has substantially influenced specific changes. Local project partners and direct beneficiaries are the best observers, and FAKT therefore predominantly uses participatory survey tools.
Impact analysis in complex fields of work
Wherever a measure cannot directly and immediately have influence on the identified problem, tracing cause and effect is particularly difficult. This is particularly the case in advocacy or lobbying, as well as in campaigns which are aimed at behavioural changes. In conflict regions or in post-crisis situations, each development intervention will also yield effects which either contribute to confidence building or intensify the conflict. Fair Trade and other social and environmental standards are increasingly assessing the impact of certification at producer level. FAKT has adapted impact assessment tools to match the specific needs of such assignments.



Within the framework of the annual meeting of DeGEval - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Evaluation e.V.

Fairtrade International commissioned a study to examine the impact of Fairtrade in regard to environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and adaptation to climate change.

The culture section of DeGEval, the German-language evaluation society, invited for a day in April 2017 on professionalization in evaluation through systemic perspectives.