Advocacy & Social Responsibility

Advocacy and social responsibility are increasingly important approaches to relief and development, and at most favorable conditions under given circumstances they can make a big difference and achieve positive effects for the disadvantaged people.  Advocacy and social responsibility can influence public and corporate policy and practice, as well as public attitudes and behavior, and empower affected communities to influence the decisions that affect them.

Our mission is to support the people, communities and regions, and we provide advisory services in the following areas:



A day’s input and reflection of FAKT consultants in April 2019 served to understand the chances of digitalisation for consultancies and for development interventions. Nora Hauptman of betterplace.lab gave a vivid overview of trends with lots of practical examples.

FAKT consultants came together in October 2018 to discuss new developments in evaluation. A representative of the German institute for development education DEval reported on the current revision of the DAC criteria in view of the Agenda 2030.

FAKT organized a two-day training for consultants on basics in evaluation. Planning, implementing and standards of evaluation as well as methodology were topics.