Conference Management and Facilitation

Conferences, seminars and workshops are held with the intention of bringing people together to exchange their ideas and opinions and to develop and pursue new issues. All too often, however, the results expected by the organisers of a conference are not achieved. Inviting experts for inputs does not necessarily guarantee success.

Such meetings will have a greater chance of success if the following factors are taken into consideration from the very beginning:

  • The expected outcomes are clearly defined
  • The people to be invited are carefully chosen
  • The structure of the meeting is designed so as to assist people achieve their set objectives
  • Professional facilitation is a key to success
  • The right choice of conference facilities helps to create a constructive working atmosphere
  • Reliable correspondence ahead of the meeting assures that all participants are informed about the contents and logistics of the event
  • Smoothly organised travel arrangements enable organisers and participants to concentrate on the topics of the conference

FAKT has many years of experience with organising many different types of events ranging from the facilitation of small meetings to the organisation of large international conferences.
Our services

  • Designing and organising workshops / conferences in Germany and overseas on a range of topics, i.a. globalisation, inter-cultural communication, conflict management, etc.
  • Bringing together teams of professional facilitators and trainers from the global North and South
  • Output-oriented facilitation of complex meetings
  • Organising and conducting internet-based, pre- and post-conference meetings
  • A package of design, facilitation and logistics for your conference


Wolfgang Heinrich, veteran expert on the Do No Harm approach and involved in its development from early days, provided a one-day training for FAKT consultants in October 2019 on how to implement the Do No Harm approach.

A day’s input and reflection of FAKT consultants in April 2019 served to understand the chances of digitalisation for consultancies and for development interventions. Nora Hauptman of betterplace.lab gave a vivid overview of trends with lots of practical examples.

FAKT consultants came together in October 2018 to discuss new developments in evaluation. A representative of the German institute for development education DEval reported on the current revision of the DAC criteria in view of the Agenda 2030.