Education & Employment

Youth un- and underemployment continues to be a challenge world-wide. Being a youthful country can be an asset but if the number of youth entering the labour market every year is outstripping economic development social tensions may well be on the rise.

We understand that social and economic development are two sides of the same coin. For promoting youth employment FAKT is providing consultancy services in vocational education and training (VET), youth employment promotion and small and micro enterprise development. We pay special attention to orienting programmes towards achieving better impacts and addressing issues like the reintegration of conflict affected people in war-torn societies. We work in an integrated manner linking sector-focussed consultancy to wider topics like Corporate Social Responsibility and Fair Trade.

FAKT’s long term expertise in vocational education and training (VET) and SME development is complemented by cross-sectoral expertise in areas such as impact assessment and result based monitoring systems, organisational development and training of policy makers, VET managers and trainers.


Remote consulting and evaluation have played a role for a long time, but in times of Covid-19 their relevance increased massively. FAKT consultants need to be familiar with the many forms it can take and the tools that can be used.

Digitisation is playing an increasingly important role in development cooperation and offers not only new information and communication technologies but also a multitude of new opportunities for cooperation between the various actors.

Wolfgang Heinrich, veteran expert on the Do No Harm approach and involved in its development from early days, provided a one-day training for FAKT consultants in October 2019 on how to implement the Do No Harm approach.