Feasibility Study for Photovoltaic Equipment Installation in Health Facilities in South Sudan

Action Africa Help South Sudan (AAH-SS) has a long history of implementing health intervention programmes in South Sudan, working at present mainly towards improving the quality of PHC (Primary Health Care) Services in Western and Central Equatorial States. One of the important conditions for quality healthcare is the availability of a reliable source of power. Therefore FAKT was solicited for a comprehensive feasibility study to equip 25 health facilities with electric power from solar panels.

It became clear that the installation of solar systems on health facilities is useful, urgent and appropriate. Categories of the health facilities have been determined according to their power demand. Consequently solar equipment has been chosen for each facility and costs assessed based on pre-tender results.

Training on all levels is an important element for the sustainability of the solar systems comprising basic understanding for staff and village health committees, operators’ training, county supervisors’ training up to energy awareness of AAH staff in the offices.

An inspection of supplies and installation will guarantee high quality products of the delivered solar systems and their appropriate installation. Continuous monitoring of the solar systems will as well contribute to long-term performance. Another factor is the continuous discussion of the long-term sustainability of the solar systems with the political responsible county officials.

An adequate water supply for health facilities is important. It is therefore suggested as an option to designate a special „water fund“ to improve the situation regarding water by building rainwater tanks for a more reliable water source at the facilities in need.

FAKT Services
  • Team leader for the field study with participatory methodology
  • Comprehensive feasibility study, including aspects such as procurement, installation, operation and maintenance, capacity development and water supply
  • Report and funding proposal