Implementation of a Civil Society Project in Kyrgyzstan

While remaining a parliamentary democracy for the last 25 years, Kyrgyzstan has experienced severe social and political instability after the break-up of the Soviet Union, frequently resulting in social conflict and severe challenges for civil society to promote justice, economic development, conflict mitigation and poverty reduction especially in rural and disadvantaged areas.

As a consultant to the GIZ project “Development fund for co-operation with civil society in Kyrgyzstan” FAKT-Consult and its British partner INTRAC (International NGO Training and Research Centre) have supported GIZ in its endeavours to (1) strengthen civil society in Kyrgyzstan especially in rural and disadvantaged areas; and to (2) promote dialogue and cooperation between civil society and local government. Through INTRAC’s Bishkek office, the consultancy comprised four areas of intervention.

FAKT Services
  • Support emerging civil society organizations through exchange programmes and internships with other civil society organizations. The concept of exchange programme was taken up very positively as a new concept.
  • Facilitate a national workshop and several local workshops of civil society organizations focusing on strategies to strengthen civil society. The workshops helped to foster relationships with local government, and strengthened ties between civil socie
  • Carry out a set of interventions such as training, mini-grants and accompaniment for social enterprise. A manual to promote social entrepreneurship by civil society was revised.
  • Facilitate the training of master trainers and develop separate training manuals for organizational development, financial management / resource mobilization, and effective communication / partnership building. Manuals and training were accepted with