Water and Sanitation

Water is more than a natural resource; it is a driving force of growth combining various ecological, economic and social aspects of development. The international water community is exposing water challenges quite well highlighting the emerging scarcity, the nexus to food security and energy production as well as the growing pressure caused by climate change and its implications.
Facing high complexity and big market players, FAKT has taken the decision to position itself within the WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) concept, seeing water, sanitation and hygiene as a holistic approach. We provide innovative solutions merging traditional knowledge with modern technology and management approaches for decentralised systems. Doing so, FAKT is combing its core methodological expertise with specific and long-term water skills. In consequence, we provide the following advisory services in this action field:

  • Capacity Development (CD) in challenging formats (face to face -, blended – and e-learning, webinars, workshops, study visits, …)
  • Monitoring and (impact) evaluation of water projects (M&E)
  • Design and development of sustainable decentralised water projects (Decentral)
  • Identification and development of innovative water solutions (water systems, technologies and training) (Innovativ)
  • Energy audits for water and waste water systems (Audit)
  • Awareness raising and advocacy campaigns on priority water issues (A&A)

Cross-sectoral analyses and participative capacity development is FAKT’s strength. We highlight dialogue and networking in all our undertakings.


Video on Rainwater Harvesting by Women's Groups in Kenya; English/Swahili or French/German versions available.

Manual on 'Watershed Management' available

Broschüre zum Technologiemanagement in Gesundheitseinrichtungen